HarryMuffsDisco...The story

Growing up two hundred miles from Montana’s only disco, Harry picked up an electric bass at the tender age of 1 month.  By the age of 2, he formed his group, Harry Muffs Disco.  Since then, Harry Muffs Disco has proudly been underground disco’s least celebrated band.  Originally hailed as Sony’s foil to The Bee Gees, Harry Muffs Disco opened for nearly every funk and disco act (including The Whispers, The Brothers Johnson, and Cameo) from 1977 until 1981.  In that fateful year of 1981, just as Harry Muffs Disco was to release their much anticipated debut album “Muffs”, Sony dropped the group, officially stating, “We think Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ will sell better than anything Harry Muffs Disco will or can produce. ”  Harry and his legal team, McFadden and Whitehead, scoffed at this notion during their victorious 36-year legal battle to seize control of his master recordings and publishing rights.  

Despite losing every penny and living with his parents since 1990, Harry’s devotion to the spirit of disco is stronger than ever.  Harry Muffs Disco will now perform their self-declared amazing brand of disco funk for an extremely small, yet loyal fan-base.  Just like a fine bottle of wine, Harry Muffs Disco proves to get better with age, nearly forty years after their inception.