HarryMuffsDisco...The story

From the time Harry Ostrem (singer, songwriter, bassist, video creator, semi-pro retired basketball player, and philanthropist) picked up a bass in his native Montana, he was destined for rock & roll glory.  Growing up in Montana’s only disco, he engrossed himself in his favorite 70's bands of yesteryear (including, but not limited to, The Bee Gees and Chic). 

Harry moved to Los Angeles 30 years too late, yet still managed to play in roughly 1,127 bands.  Due to the social bliss that exists within most bands, Harry now embarks on his solo career, which can only be described as tongue-in-cheek comedic funk disco straight from 1977.  By continuously crafting his own music and video production skills, Harry blends his love of music and comedy into an essence reminiscent of the bathrooms at Studio 54.  The Harry musical recipe includes one cup of The Lonely Island-esque humor, a dash of Chromeo pop sensibility, and one full serving of Jamiroquai’s irresistible groove.

Currently endorsed by ghs strings and brawny paper towels, harry debuted live in the summer of 2016.  but in harry's mind, it's always 1977.